Ports Report Substantial Quarter

Ports Continue to Report Higher than Expected Volume March 2024 saw the Port of Los Angeles process an impressive 743,417 total TEUs, a 19% increase from the previous year and the eighth consecutive month of growth. Executive Director Gene Seroka anticipates that this momentum will continue into the second quarter, driven by a strong job […]

Supply Chain Streamlining

Navigating Cost Reduction in Supply Chains Without Stifling Growth Cutting costs in supply chains is a top priority for businesses in 2024, but achieving these reductions without affecting long-term growth remains a significant challenge. According to a recent report by Boston Consulting Group, a staggering 83% of global executives failed to meet their initial targets […]

Imports Increase In Spite of Issues

Imports Increase In Spite of Issues March showcased a robust performance in U.S. container import volumes, climbing by 0.4% from February and marking a 15% increase year-over-year, according to Descartes’ monthly report. The report attributes these gains partly to the delayed timing of this year’s Lunar New Year, which led to a significant surge in […]

Container Storage Cost Contention

The Ripple Effects of a Critical Infrastructure Collapse The collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge on March 26 has thrown a wrench into the logistics operations on the U.S. East Coast, especially affecting the Port of Baltimore. With MSC, the world’s largest ocean carrier, redirecting Baltimore-bound cargo to alternate ports, the logistics sector anticipates […]

Fleets Grow, but Market Slow

The early months of 2024 have witnessed a surprising uptick in Class 8 truck orders, rising over 20% from the previous year, despite the consensus on a struggling freight market. ACT Research suggests that factors like private fleet expansion and increased spending on infrastructure are buoying these numbers. However, the broader market tells a different […]

Baltimore Bridge Suffers Tragedy

A catastrophic event unfolded when a large section of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed due to a collision with a container ship, leading to a significant logistical challenge for one of the U.S. East Coast’s busiest ports. This disaster has initiated extensive search-and-rescue operations and caused a shutdown of the Port of Baltimore for […]

Opportunities In Logistics M&A

The logistics and transportation sector is at a turning point, with mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity poised for growth in 2024, following a slowdown in 2023. A McKinsey report highlights the confluence of soft shipping demand and ready investors as catalysts for a potential uptick in opportunistic buying this year. Company valuations are expected to […]

TLC’s March 2024 Appearance On The Chemical Company’s The View From Jamestown

Joe Hassenfratz and Jameson Mielde from The Logistix Company (TLC) provided valuable insights into the evolving freight industry on The Chemical Company’s View From Jamestown podcast, hosted by Ben Sawicki. They highlighted the strong performance of February, reflecting a hopeful continuation of positive trends from January, and discussed the pivotal role of contracted versus spot […]

Warehouse Labor Demand Dwindles

In February 2024, the truck transportation sector saw minimal change, shedding only 300 jobs, indicating a stable employment landscape since August 2022. This stability comes amidst broader fluctuations in the freight industry, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics revising January’s job numbers downward by 4,200. Conversely, warehouse employment continued its decline, losing 6,800 jobs and […]

Shifting Demurrage Accountability

Industrial cargo containers at port with 'Shifting Demurrage Accountability' text.

The Federal Maritime Commission’s (FMC) latest rule on demurrage and detention charges has sparked concern within the shipping industry, with the National Industrial Transportation League (NITL) voicing apprehensions about its impact on shippers. This rule, aimed at addressing container late fees, absolves drayage truckers from direct billing, thus shifting potential financial burdens to shippers. While […]