Tidal Wave of China-US Freight

A Tidal Wave of China-US Freight

In an unexpected turn, container freight volumes from China to the U.S. are soaring, despite China’s economic woes. This surge, reaching its highest point since May 2022, is driven by the traditional pre-Chinese New Year shipping peak and a significant increase in demand from U.S. importers. With lower inventory levels in the U.S. and a […]

The Year of the Rail

Illustrative graphic of a vintage train climbing a steep mountain, with the text 'RAILROADS GEARING UP FOR STELLAR '24' set against a red and orange gradient background, accompanied by cautionary stripes on the top.

The future of freight shines brightly on the rails, with Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern, and CSX at the helm, showcasing their 2024 vision to transform freight movement. Union Pacific’s Beth Whited highlighted efficiency strides and innovative services like the Falcon Premium, aiming to entice shippers with cost-effective, green solutions. Meanwhile, Norfolk Southern’s Alan Shaw focused […]

Retail’s Return to Streamlined Inventory Methods

Just in Time Inventory

Retailers are embracing a ‘just-in-time’ inventory approach as they work through pandemic-era surplus. This strategy, a return to pre-pandemic norms, replaces the ‘just-in-case’ stockpiling tactic prompted by supply-chain uncertainties and fluctuating consumer demand. Leading figures like Jamie Bragg from Tailored Brands highlight the industry’s enhanced ability to align inventory with real-time demand, eliminating the need […]

US Mexico Border Trade Heating Up

As we pivot into 2024, US-Mexico trade is set for a remarkable uptick, propelled by the strategic move towards nearshoring. Sri Laxmana, a seasoned expert at C.H. Robinson, shines a light on Mexico’s burgeoning role in diversifying global supply chains, emphasizing its geographical advantage next to the US. With an impressive 40% of shippers exploring […]

Logistical Logjams Amid Retail Recapitulation

As 2024 unfolds, global supply chains are navigating a landscape reshaped by the Covid-19 pandemic, now contending with disruptions in key trade corridors like the Red Sea, and the Panama and Suez Canals. Geopolitical tensions and evolving trade patterns are prompting companies to rethink long-established supply routes. Amidst this, the clean energy sector is forging […]

2024 Kickoff View From Jamestown Sitdown

TLC’s Joe Hassenfratz and Jameson Mielde sit down with Ben Sawicki, the host of The Chemical Company’s podcast, The View From Jamestown for a kickoff logistics barometer check and to share some predictions for the year to come. They discuss the dynamic world of freight and logistics as they highlight the challenges like capacity crunches, […]

Rising Rates Reflecting Unease of the Seas

In the wake of increasing disruptions in the Red Sea and the Panama Canal, the container shipping industry is witnessing a surge in Asia-West Coast spot rates, as indicated by recent assessments from Drewry and the Freightos Baltic Daily Index. The crisis has led to a 30% spike in Shanghai-Los Angeles spot rates, with current […]

Securing the Red Sea

The security situation in the Red Sea is having a significant impact on shipping stocks, with vessel detours around the Cape of Good Hope increasing freight rates and influencing share prices. Container lines are reassessing the risks of Red Sea transit, leading to divergent strategies. While Maersk and CMA CGM are planning to resume transits […]

December’s Discussion with The View From Jamestown, Podcast Edition’s Host, Ben Sawicki

The Logistix Company is excited to help The Chemical Company celebrate the 100th episode of their podcast, “The View From Jamestown” as our own Joe Hassenfratz discusses the state of logistics with their host, Ben Sawicki. There’s quite a lot to talk about, from local holiday related capacity crunches to international logistics complications like the […]

More Evidence Supports Analysts High Expectations for US Rail

LTL: RailTrends 2023 signaled cautious optimism in the rail industry, with potential gains over trucking and a focus on overcoming challenges like Panama Canal delays and dockworker strike threats. TLC is closely watching these developments, ready to adapt our logistics strategies to ensure our clients stay ahead in an evolving transportation landscape. FTL: The 2023 […]