Proposals to Update Shipping Act

Congressmen John Garamendi and Dusty Johnson introduced legislation on August 11th, 2021, in the House of Representatives that would reform the Shipping Act. Shippers and U.S. exporters, specifically, called for the legislation to be reviewed and updated to help protect them from fees and to help ensure capacity. Federal Maritime Commission Chairman Daniel Maffei, a […]

Container Shipping Rates Soar, Cause for Concern for U.S. Exporters

Container shipping rates have increased over 500% when compared to a year ago. The rapid increase in Delta-variant Covid-19 outbreaks in several countries has slowed container turnaround rates significantly. With other natural occurrences, such as typhoons and hurricanes happening across the globe, it has only served to complicate supply chain operations further. “These factors have […]

Biden Sits with Supply Chain Experts

Congestion at America’s largest ports, the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach, has gone on for nearly a year now. Many of the supply chain challenges logistics are currently facing were already occurring prior to the pandemic, but have been exacerbated by higher cargo volumes. Congestion issues have led to delays for […]

Benefits of a Third Party Logistics Provider versus Asset Based Carriers

Alex Azeredo & Josh Savory joined a recent MarketScale B2B Podcast highlighting the benefits of a Third Party Logistics Firm versus Asset Based Carriers. During the half hour discussion, Alex Azeredo explained how companies will save time, money and resources by using a broker, versus attempting to use and engage an asset based carrier. Click […]

CVSA Operation Safe Driver Week: July 15-21, 2018

Another week of regulatory check-ups, and (likely) an even tighter spot trucking market is upon us. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) Operation Safe Driver Week is fast approaching, scheduled to take place July 15-21, 2018. Safety officers will be monitoring roadways for unsafe driving behavior, including speeding, distracted driving, failure to wear a seatbelt, and a […]

International Roadcheck Week 2018: June 5-8, 2018

The Commercial Vehicle Service Alliance (CVSA) will be hosting it’s annual International Roadcheck Week this week, a 72-hour blitz taking place June 5-8, 2018. The inspection consists of the North American Standard Level 1 Inspection, consisting of 37 steps related to driver requirements and the fitness of the vehicle. In 2017’s Roadcheck, 32% of all […]

2018 ELD Mandates Fully Enforceable as of April 1

As of April 1, the ELD Mandates passed effective in 2018 are fully enforceable, ending a three-month grace period where drivers were reprimanded with relatively minor penalties for non-compliance. Non-compliance after April 1 will now mean out-of-service violations handed down to drivers. Fleets that had ELD technology already on-board by December 2017 were given until […]

2016 to 2018: A drastic change in the freight & logistics industry

The 18-month transition from 2016 to 2017, and now deep into the first quarter of 2018, has revealed drastic changes in the freight & trucking market. Note that The Logistix Company primarily deals with the fuel and chemical industries, and our thoughts and opinions reflect the conditions in those segments of the marketplace. 2016/2017: Driver […]

The Perfect Methanol Storm

Methanol activity and deliveries throughout the country, and especially in the New Jersey terminal area have been impacted by what’s being called the “perfect storm” in Methanol shipments and logistics. What’s causing the perfect storm? 1) Seasonal Capacity Expansion The biggest seasonal Methanol application is windshield washer fluid, an obvious capacity increase in the colder […]