Industrial cargo containers at port with 'Shifting Demurrage Accountability' text banner.

The Federal Maritime Commission’s (FMC) latest rule on demurrage and detention charges has sparked concern within the shipping industry, with the National Industrial Transportation League (NITL) voicing apprehensions about its impact on shippers. This rule, aimed at addressing container late fees, absolves drayage truckers from direct billing, thus shifting potential financial burdens to shippers.

While intended to streamline billing between ocean carriers and shippers, this could lead to increased costs for shippers, particularly if they are not at fault for delays. This development calls for shippers to reassess their contracts meticulously to safeguard against unwarranted charges.

At The Logistix Company, we stand ready to guide our clients through this regulatory change, ensuring they navigate these billing standards effectively to maintain their operations’ cost-efficiency and timeliness.

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