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Retailers are embracing a ‘just-in-time’ inventory approach as they work through pandemic-era surplus. This strategy, a return to pre-pandemic norms, replaces the ‘just-in-case’ stockpiling tactic prompted by supply-chain uncertainties and fluctuating consumer demand. Leading figures like Jamie Bragg from Tailored Brands highlight the industry’s enhanced ability to align inventory with real-time demand, eliminating the need for ‘safety stock.’ According to logistics expert Terry Esper, this shift reflects growing confidence in the supply chain and logistics environment. Retailers are keen to minimize excess stock, which ties up capital and risks obsolescence. 

Statistics show a recent alignment of inventory levels with sales, echoing pre-pandemic efficiency. Despite the progress, new disruptions like geopolitical conflicts and climate issues remain potential triggers for inventory strategy shifts. Meanwhile, technological advancements in forecasting tools are helping retailers fine-tune inventory management for better demand alignment.

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