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RailTrends 2023 signaled cautious optimism in the rail industry, with potential gains over trucking and a focus on overcoming challenges like Panama Canal delays and dockworker strike threats. TLC is closely watching these developments, ready to adapt our logistics strategies to ensure our clients stay ahead in an evolving transportation landscape.


The 2023 RailTrends conference offered a cautiously optimistic view of the rail industry’s future, with potential for growth against trucking. Significant topics included the resurgence of West Coast ports, challenges in the Panama Canal and Red Sea, and looming threats like possible dockworker strikes. Industry leaders like Canadian Pacific Kansas City Southern CEO Keith Creel emphasized the industry’s strengthening, while CSX CEO Joe Hinrichs highlighted the need for better customer service. Amid these developments, TLC is gearing up to provide adaptable, efficient logistics solutions to navigate the changing landscape, ensuring our clients are always ahead in the game of transportation and freight.