The Logistix Company is excited to help The Chemical Company celebrate the 100th episode of their podcast, “The View From Jamestown” as our own Joe Hassenfratz discusses the state of logistics with their host, Ben Sawicki.

There’s quite a lot to talk about, from local holiday related capacity crunches to international logistics complications like the Panama Canal’s struggles.

Joe dissects market fluctuations and their impact on trucking businesses, noting the struggle of smaller operators against larger entities and the industry’s shift towards consolidation. And he illuminates the rising significance of rail transport, particularly in the Northeast.

Looking ahead, Joe teases out potential influences of the presidential election and federal policies on the industry, while holding onto hope for a return to the busier days of 2021 and 2022.

Finally, Joe underscores the importance of punctual deliveries and strong partnerships in the logistics industry, and concludes with TLC’s thoughts on the future of trucking and logistics and what to expect of 2024.

Check out the video (above) for the full discussion.  And click here to check out The Chemical Company’s ‘View From Jamestown’ for more articles and insights into the chemical industry.