RailTrends 2023 showcased a rail industry with renewed optimism for outpacing trucking in market share, fueled by innovations and a focus on service. TLC is ready to harness these rail advancements, ensuring our clients have access to the most efficient and customer-centric transportation solutions.


The 2023 RailTrends conference painted a cautiously optimistic picture for the rail industry’s potential to capture market share from trucking. While past gatherings echoed challenges and slow growth, this year’s event showed a more hopeful outlook, marked by CPKC CEO Keith Creel’s comments on industry strength and new service efficiencies. However, CSX CEO Joe Hinrichs stressed the importance of improving customer service and collaboration for growth. With the rail sector eyeing recovery and innovation, TLC is strategically positioned to adapt our services, ensuring our customers benefit from the evolving transportation landscape, whether through rail or our comprehensive logistics solutions.