LTL shipments have become more complex post-YRC closure, with the holiday season adding to the existing challenges. TLC is steering through these potential pitfalls by tapping into the dedicated dry van market, offering improved service, quicker transit, and sometimes even better rates than typical LTL options.


Navigating the LTL landscape has been a formidable challenge in the wake of YRC’s closure, especially with the holiday season amplifying constraints. Despite a downturn in other transportation sectors, LTL shipments are experiencing a surge in volume, leading to increased costs and extended transit times. TLC is actively addressing these challenges for our customers, creatively utilizing excess capacity in the dedicated dry van market. This strategy not only enhances service and transit times but also often offers more competitive costs than standard LTL providers. At TLC, we’re not just adapting to change; we’re leveraging it to bring you smarter, more efficient logistics solutions.