A notable increase in outbound tender volumes from key U.S. markets suggests a busy holiday season ahead, contrasting with the ease of capacity sourcing seen earlier in the year. TLC is actively responding to these market shifts, ensuring our clients are equipped with the best strategies and services for an efficient holiday logistics experience.


The recent surge in outbound tender volumes from major U.S. markets like Ontario, California, and Dallas signals an unexpected uptick in demand as we head into the holiday season. This shift marks a deviation from the relatively smooth capacity sourcing experienced by shippers throughout the year. Ontario’s significant 26% jump and Dallas’s 12% rise in outbound tender volumes reflect a changing landscape in freight movement. Shippers, now operating on a just-in-time basis rather than just-in-case, are likely to face increased costs and demand for expedited services as the holidays approach. Despite the adjustments in strategy, there’s no sign of consumer demand slowing down. TLC is closely monitoring these developments, ensuring that our clients are well-prepared to navigate these fluctuations with optimal solutions and timely service, keeping their supply chains fluid and efficient.

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