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Estes Express Lines wins the bid for Yellow Corp.’s terminals with a $1.525B offer, setting a price floor for Yellow’s assets.

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In a significant move for the logistics and freight industry, less-than-truckload carrier Estes Express Lines won the bid for Yellow Corp.’s portfolio of owned terminals with an offer of $1.525 billion.

The decision was formalized in a Delaware bankruptcy court, giving Estes bid protections that include a $7.5 million breakup fee and an expense reimbursement up to $1.6 million.

Yellow Corp., which filed for bankruptcy last August, has been under scrutiny for its financial practices, especially related to its pension fund withdrawal liabilities, which could be as high as $6.5 billion.

The acquisition sets the stage for further financial proceedings, including the likely sale of Yellow’s rolling stock, encompassing nearly 12,000 tractors and 35,000 trailers.

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