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The IEA’s latest report warns of a challenging landscape for diesel consumers. A growing imbalance between supply and demand is pushing up oil prices, and multiple factors, including geopolitical events and natural disasters, suggest no relief in sight.

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The latest report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) paints a grim picture for diesel consumers. It emphasizes a widening imbalance between supply and demand, pushing the global crude benchmark Brent toward $100 per barrel. Despite restrained production by OPEC+ nations, the gap between projected oil supply and global demand remains large. For the fourth quarter of 2023, the IEA estimates a daily deficit of about 3.4 million barrels, exacerbating the already dwindling global inventories. The situation is further complicated by supply chain issues and geopolitical factors like G7 sanctions. Meanwhile, refineries struggle to adapt to changing dynamics, operating below their potential capacity. Even the disruption in Libyan oil production, recently impacted by devastating floods, could make matters worse. Overall, diesel prices are likely to stay elevated, impacted by various elements, from OPEC+ policy to natural disasters.

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