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The freight industry is inching towards balance following YRC’s shutdown, with experts predicting a muted peak season.



The freight industry is showing signs of reaching an equilibrium after a tumultuous period, according to insights from a recent Morgan Stanley investor conference. With industry stalwarts like Schneider National and Werner Enterprises expecting a muted peak season this year, the focus is shifting toward a more balanced market by 2024. Schneider’s CFO Steve Bruffett and Werner’s CEO Derek Leathers shared perspectives on moderate inventory restocking trends and a decline in smaller carriers, largely attributing it to high-interest rates and widespread cost inflation.

For TLC, this data translates into actionable insights. We’re not just watching the market; we’re adapting to it. With overstocked inventories receding into the past, now is the time to offer our customers innovative inventory management solutions and flexible contract options. As smaller carriers exit, we’ll ensure that our supply chain remains robust, and our fleet of qualified drivers is prepared to meet any demand. Because at TLC, we’re not about surviving the market—we’re about mastering it.