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Hurricane season 2023 kicks off with Hurricane Lee, which poses a significant threat to North American supply chains.



The upcoming hurricane season, particularly the intensifying Hurricane Lee, poses a significant threat to American supply chains. Hurricanes have historically caused massive disruptions, as seen with Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Hurricane Harvey in 2017. If a major hurricane makes landfall, FEMA and state agencies could absorb all available trucks for relief efforts, leading to higher freight rates and a truck shortage for other shippers. The hurricane’s path could also impact critical infrastructure like seaports, airports, and highways, causing further delays. Shippers are advised to secure commitments at higher rates to prepare for a potentially chaotic fourth quarter. Despite the challenges, hurricanes offer trucking companies an opportunity to demonstrate their crucial role in relief efforts.


As hurricane season approaches, TLC understands the urgency of keeping your supply chain intact. Call today and ask how we prepare for potential disruptions.