The sudden shutdown of YRC, one of the largest LTL providers in the USA, is sending ripples across the logistics landscape:

  1. Position in the Market – YRC was the third-largest LTL provider in the US last year.
  2. Rate Increases – The surge in market volume is pushing LTL carriers to hike rates on average 5 to 15%.
  3. Transition Period – Experts forecast a 6 to 8 week adjustment period.
  4. Current Operations – YRC has halted operations as of 7/27/2023, leaving only limited customer services with wait times up to an hour.  There are roughly 10,000 shipments left in their system with no active deliveries.  Clients must arrange alternative carriers to deliver unsettled YRC freight.
  5. Volume Perspective – At their peak, YRC managed 42,000 pickups daily, highlighting the scale of disruption caused by their cessation.

The void left by YRC means some customers might experience longer wait times, increased costs, and potentially extended transit times with other carriers. However, TLC is committed to guiding its clients through these challenging times, ensuring optimal LTL service and cost. Updates will be provided as the situation unfolds.