Intermodal transportation can be a cheaper and greener way of shipping freight. However, the use of multiple modes of transportation can require complex planning and longer lead times. TLC’s Intermodal professionals make the various transitions from road to rail, and back to road seamless so you don’t have to worry about freight being lost, sent to the wrong destination, or being delayed because of regulatory issues.

TLC will constantly keep you informed about the status of every shipment so you can have every confidence that your freight is getting the attention it deserves from the moment it leaves your warehouse to delivery at its final destination. Transferring shipments from truck or container to intermodal carriers are quick and efficient, cutting costs and eliminating issues of tracking freight as it changes hands. TLC’s Intermodal experts will always find the right equipment to best fit our customers’ specifications and needs.

Our Services

  • Coast to Coast coverage for your supply chain
  • Superior flexibility to accommodate volume surges
  • HAZMAT certified carriers
  • Effortless tracking gives you the peace of mind that your freight is being taken care of every step of the way.
  • Flexible consolidation options to optimize your shipping
  • Expedited rates when your shipment needs to meet a tight deadline