Core Service – Liquid Bulk

Liquid Bulk

Liquid bulk shipments are often the simplest, most economical method of transporting bulk liquids, whether shipping 100 miles or across the country. Depending on the type of tanker and kind of material, liquid bulk freight is shipped OTR (On The Road), typically via stainless steel or aluminum tankers that hold up to 7,500 gallons, or 45,000 pounds of goods. Liquid bulk shipments gave TLC (The Logistics Company) its start. TLC offers customers an unprecedented nationwide network of carriers and service providers for the fastest, most efficient shipment of liquid products in the marketplace.

Besides offering cost-effective, efficient liquid bulk shipments, the TLC’ team of experts provides trans-loading services that include arranging North and South American international moves, heating, steaming, and anti-freezing facilities, well as blind/double-blind shipments.