The Logistix Company was approached by a customer to produce a plan for the bulk processing and distribution of their product line of hazardous materials. The family of materials is notoriously difficult to transport, handle, and store due to its extensive requirements, including vapor control and neutralization, temperature control, oxygen intrusion prevention, and corrosive properties. Precise attention to detail was required in all aspects of the supply chain to maintain high-quality materials in a safe manner.

Throughout this project, TLC was called upon to provide various supply chain solutions to ensure product stability. These solutions included researching and developing custom process controls with engineering components designed to meet the product’s needs, working with the customer to manage raw material and finished product inventories of custom blends, multiple bulk transfers, material processing in an oxygen-free environment, and coordinating with the customer to maintain on-time order fulfillment while utilizing vessels specially procured to meet the material requirements; drums, IBC totes, bulk tankers, and ISO tanks. Every aspect of this project required careful attention to detail and supply chain management.

The success of this project hinged on strategic relationships with supply chain partners that The Logistix Company has acquired over the years, as well as the recruitment of new vendors with particular expertise in chemistry and engineering. TLC is immensely satisfied with the accomplishment seen in setting up this supply chain, from the planning and process engineering stages to the daily logistics management of deliveries to end-users. Our team came together to provide specialized, cost-effective solutions to safely handle this hazardous material.

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