As we monitor the situation regarding Class I railroads and their potential shut down at 12:01 AM on September 16th, we would like to take this time to shed some light on the current situation and thank our partners in advance for their patience with our team at TLC as we continue to assist with freight solutions.

As some are already aware, two rail unions have not officially accepted contract negotiations, and are poised, though not officially committed, to a work halt. In anticipation of this, certain commodities have already been limited in their ability to be transported, citing need to ensure the safety of these shipments, as well as the people in charge of handling them. Some of these commodities include hazardous materials, intermodal equipment, reefer equipment, and certain time sensitive shipments.

While we will continue provide realistic pricing and monitor existing intermodal loads, we recommend remaining flexible regarding the pick-up situation, and also suggest trying to plan shipments as far in advance as possible in efforts to prevent unforeseen lead times as a result of the circumstances. We are making these recommendations for all shipment types, as the potential rail work stoppage is anticipated to have long reaching repercussions for alternative forms of transportation, especially for over the road trucking capacity.

Thank you for your continued partnership with The Logistix Company, and we will continue to monitor and report the situation on the railroads.

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